3th of March 2018

The registration for the EALC Event 01. – 03.06.2018 “Driving work on cattle” is online. See Events.


22th of December 2017

All appointments for EALC Catahoula Events 2018 are confirmed!


18th of December 2017

Count Dracula Kennel, member of the EALC, is still looking for a loving home with a job for 3 young males from the litter of 19.08.2017! With consistent education and sovereign leadership, the Louisiana Catahoula is excellent for mantrailing, SAR Dog Work, hunting, working cattle and much more.

Contact: in PM or +40 745 475 921,


13th of November 2017

EALC & NALC Catahoula Show 2017 – all results:

Working Cattle Level 1 + 2

Tracking Level 1

Tracking Level 2

Mantrailing Level 1

Mantrailing Level 2

Search and Rescue Dogs in wilderness

BikeJöring und Scooter


Letter to all participants of the EALC & NALC Catahoula Show 2017 in Mitrov Farm/Czech Republic:

Dear EALC members, dear Catahoulafriends,

22405968_691315944392996_3928168452694659869_nWe would like to thank you again for your coming. Through your participation in the EALC & NALC Catahoula Show 2017, you have made the event for the biggest Catahoula meeting in Europe so far! And you supported the idea of the EALC, the working community for the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog in Europe. Thank you for that! Also we have been able to deepen our cooperation with the NALC, the original breeding organization for Louisiana Catahoulas based in Denham Springs/Louisiana.

The spirit of the event was clearly noticeable – a very friendly and fair coexistence, good conversations and just fun on all 4 days.
Around 60 Louisiana Catahoulas from 6 European countries were there and almost all were registered for at least one working discipline and many for the NALC Conformation Show.

No matter what position you have reached in the working disciplines and if it has maybe not gone so well for some of you in some competition – we find it great that you showed your Catahoulas at work!! This is the goal of all of our events. And the next competitions are coming .

You have inspired and motivated us to continue! Many thanks also to the many helpers, to the judges, to Karel Kalny, boss of the Mitrov farm and to Winston and Kelly Beavert of the NALC – it was so great to have you here! You had the longest journey over the “big see”.

22448225_691315947726329_893972752841488812_nAlso in 2018 there will be 2-3 EALC events. This time without competitions but with workshops in different disciplines (Herding, Mantrailing, SAR, Tracking, BikeJöring etc.)
Dates are available at the beginning of next year on this website in events.
Here you can also find the membership application when you are interested.
For this article, we have selected photos of Blue Numa II (aka Ayra) and Indigo Louis Sumici kridla. This two guys were the oldest Catahoulas of the event with their 10.5 years. Both have still participated in working competitions and have reached a total of 3 placements under the first 3. Moreover Indigo has provided his profile for the Logo of the EALC .
At this point, many thanks to Sylvia Klausen, who designed the Logo for us 5 years ago.

See you soon, your EALC team


12th of July 2017

The program for the big EALC & NALC Louisiana Catahoula Show                  from 05th to  08th of October at the Mitrov Farm is available (subject to change).

At this event we want to show the Louisiana Catahoula as a working dog! This is why the focus is on competitions in different disciplines. Anyone can participate. It’s not about winning. Being there is everything! As in the year 2015 it is to be a great Catahoula happening 🙂 Interested persons can inform themselves about the breed, possibly get in contact with breeders and chat with Catahoula owner. People from around 7 European Countries will take part. Be there!
Further information, registration and rules for the competitions here

9th of May 2017


ealc-nalcAfter the successful EALC & NALC Catahoula show in 2015 at the Mitrov Farm (CZ) there is now a new edition.

At the last show over 50 Louisiana Catahoulas with their owners showed impressive performances of their dogs in front of an interested audience.

The second International EALC & NALC Catahoula Show will take place from 5 to 8 of October 2017. The location is again the Mitrov Farm in the Czech Republic.

This time, besides the well-known competitions, there will be a new discipline in tracking.
A NALC judge from Louisiana / USA will be our guest again. Together with Karel Kalny, he will judge the Cow Dog Trial on Saturday and will be evaluating the conformation show on Sunday.

Sign up quickly as some competitions have a limited number of participants.

Before registering for a competition please make yourself familiar with the respective rules and access requirements. Registration form and rules here.

Registration via e-mail is possible.


28th – 30th of April 2017

EALC Workshop Herding at the Mitrov Farm. Again a successful event in the Louisiana Catahoulas showed their working abilities in working cattle. Click here for the pictures.




21th of December 2016

EALC-Events 2017


7 th of December 2016

Save the the Date!

05. – 08th of October 2017 – International EALC & NALC Louisiana Catahoula Show!

Next year again an International “EALC & NALC LOUISIANA CATAHOULA SHOW” will take place at Mitrov Farm in Czech Republic. Again are happy to welcome cordially a Jugde from NALC/Louisiana, USA.
Estimated Competitions: Tracking, SAR, Mantrailing, Cow Dog Trial, Scooter/BikeJöring, Obedience and a NALC Dog Show!


21th of October 2016

Catahoula boy Apollo ist looking for a new home! Please check our Catahoula rescue site!

10th of October 2016

EALC-Event at Matheshof 22. – 25.09.2016

27 Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs from Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia and the Czech Republic were present. Mantrailing, SAR dogs work, Scooter / Bikejöring and a barbecue, as well as a lecture on communication among dogs (S. Lang von Langen) have the 4 days more than fullfilled. We worked a lot, had fun and exchanged over the behaviors originalities of our Catahoulas.  For Pictures look at our EALC FB-Site:


12th of September 2016

All information about the Catahoula gathering of EALC 22. – 25.9.2016 on Matheshof farm in Bavaria/Germany . Interested people are very welcome to visit us, to get informed about the breed of Louisiana Catahoula and to talk with owners of this breed.


31th of July 2016

Catahoula boy Puma is urgently looking for a new home. It is for 9 months at the shelter in Munich/Germany. He breaks there!


30th of March 2016

Article in a Czeck Dog Magazine about the big EALC & NALC Show in September 2015. Klick here for English translation

12671754_10205423327336857_8954137951723516252_o 12809725_10205423327376858_3510319761418064442_n 1934772_10205423328136877_761650496410801750_n 12592261_10205423328296881_1967405878678330397_n 12898359_10205423328856895_852575813533315153_o


11th of March 2016

Program for EALC Event 07. – 10. of April in Mitrov Farm is available.


01th of March 2016

The Catahoula boys Puma and Indigo are still waiting for “their” people in a working dog experienced new home! More Information. If you need help for translation, please do not hesitate to ask (


4th of February 2016

Registration for both EALC-events  in Mitrov Farm/Czeck Republic in April ( working on cattle , dummy , Scooter / Bikejöring ) and Matheshof Farm/Germany in September ( SAR dogs work, Mantrailing , Scooter / Bikejöring ) are ready to enter.

click here


17th of November 2015

First appointments for EALC Events 2016!

Program subject to change
Further information and application forms will be available beginning of next year.


24. – 27 th of September 2015

The EALC & NALC Show 2015

We did it! 🙂  Looking back to a great time with wonderful Catahoula-friends and very nice people. We saw 50 Catahoulas from 8 European Countries at work, at the NALC conformation Show and just visiting the Show. This was the biggest Louisiana Catahoula Show in Europe until now. Thanks a lot to the whole staff!! Without you it would not have been possible. A special Thank you also to Karel Kalny! His Mitrov Farm was the perfect location for this event! Everything was prepared in detail.

Result working disciplines:

Result NALC Conformation Show:

More Pictures at our EALC Fanpage:


From left: Karel Kalny, his wife Jana, Stephanie Lang von Langen, Anke Boysen, Jim Eaves (from Louisiana/USA, NALC Judge) and Helena Synkova

18th of May 2015

Current litters of EALC members.

Please inform yourself about these working dogs and their needs and claims before you decide for a Catahoula!

Austrian Alpine Catahoulas

Conny_2  Conny_1

Parents are HD A tested, free of eye diseases, normal hearing both ears and complete scissor bite.

The puppies are vaccinated, chipped, dewormed and vet checked
if necessary single puppies will get a BEAR test.

The puppies (7 girls, 3 boys) grow up with a small child, cats and the German Wirehaired Pointer Aunt “Paula”.
They are well socialized and loved
The little Catahoula boys and girls are ready to go in their new homes from the beginning of June. They are 8 weeks old then.

For more information and pictures:

Ayra Aranel Catahoulas

Ayra Aranel

Both parents have all health tests.

The puppies (6 girls, 4 boys) are vaccinated, chipped, dewormed and vet checked. They are well socialized. End of May they are ready to go in their new homes.

More information and contact:|en&u=http%3A//

9th of January 2015

The first dates for the EALC calendar 2015 are fixed. Click here for the events.

13. – 16 of November 2014

HunsrueckCatahoula gathering in Würrich/West Germany. Great days with great people and a total of 16 Catahoulas from Holland, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Obedience training, a team competition, Mantrailing and Search and rescue dogs work on the program.

03. September 2014

berilHunter DG and Besavej  kennels (EALC Member) announce that the litter of 10 pups was born on August 21, 2014. There are 5 boys and 5 girls after Camano Island’s Bandit (sire, OFA excellent, BAER normal) and Beryl Besavej (dam, HD A). Both parents and the litter are NALC registered.

 Both parents are used for scent work (hunting, mantrailing) and the pups have best predispositions to work. More information on nebo or 420-776610378.

13. August 2014

Registration form for Autumn Meeting of Lousiana Catahoulas is online. Click here

We will offer once again different training and exercises for your Catahoulas.
This time we could book the Seven Valley Ranch, which is already looking forward to welcome this extraordinary breed on their ranch.

24. – 27. July 2014

EALC Workshop for SAR Work and Mantrailing at the training area of SAR unit of BRK Leipheim. We´ll do search in wreckage and wilderness. More Information here.

23. April 2014

All information to the EALC workshop in Podmitrov/CZ from 22. – 25.05.2014 are available here


Application form for the Catahoula SAR Dog days of EALC of 24 – 27 July 2014 in the Southern Germany is online .

This event is , like, the last year also suited for beginners or for those who are interested just to try this work with their Catahoulas.

But of course also the in SAR active working Louisiana Catahoulas , of which there are now many out there, will find here its challenges.
The rescue dog handlers have the opportunity to exchange experiences and training methods .

The plan is a workshop in the areas of disaster search, search in wilderness ( search for missing persons in the forest) and Mantrailing .
There will be experienced Mantrail- and SAR dog trainers at the place.

13th of January 2014

The application form for EALC Cow dog trial in May 2014 is available. At this event we offer also an evaluation of your Catahoulas conformation according breed standard. It will be done by an experienced  judger for Louisiana Catahoulas. More information in events .

19th of December 2013

Newsletter 2013/3

14th – 17th of November 2013

Third Catahoula gathering of EALC in North of Germany/Krakow am See

23th of October 2013

Herding event in Mitrov farm 23. – 24. of November 2013.

More information here. Application form here.

06th of August 2013

Newsletter 2/2013

 29th of July 2013

Registration for the EALC Catahoula gathering in Krakow am See / North of Germany at 14. – 17.11.2013 is online. More information and registration form under Events

2nd of July 2013

In 10 days starting the “Catahoula Search and Rescue Dog days”. More information is available here.

10th of May 2013

Last information  for EALC workshop “Test of working abilities at cattles”

We are looking foward to see you all there.

10th of April 2013

Newsletter 1/2013

Application form for EALC workshop “Catahoulas in Mantrailing and SAR work”

13th of March 2013 

Next event of EALC in May 2013: Workshop “Test of working abilities at the cattles”. The test is adjusted on age and experience of the Catahoulas. Only requirement is a good obedience of the dog. More infomation click here

12th of December 2012

Klick here for EALC Newsletter

01st  – 04th of November 2012

1. Catahoula gathering of EALC and workshop mantrailing

It was a very nice meeting with great Catahoula owners and guests. We have worked with our dogs a lot. The Mantrail workshop was constructive and intensive. Looking forward to the next gathering in May 2013. (more in December in “events”) Pictures here, movies soon.

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