Stud dogs

Here you can find stud dogs from EALC members:

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Neo (Alfred aus dem Ulstertal)


Kennel name: Alfred aus dem Ulstertal

Aca:          Neo

dob:      20. April 2017

heigh:   ca. 60 cm

weight:  ca. 33 kg

teeth: full scissor bite

Colour:   Solid Black, Tan Trim

Eyes: (R) Brown    (L) Brown

Registration: NALC (BB-21059-311-17

Merle: Mc/m

X-ray of elbow (normal) and hip (good) available.

In training to become a mantrailer.

Owner: Yasmin Walter,  66299 Friedrichsthal, Saarland, Germany

Contact: Tel. 0049 157 80750416,

Bam-Bam (Ayra Aranel’s Briam)

Kennel name: Ayra Aranel’s Briam

Name : Bam-Bam

dob: 20. April 2013

heigh: 61 cm

weight: 30 kg

teeth: full scissor bite

Merle: m/Ma+

Registration: NALC, SPKP, WCA

health test: HD frei (OFA excellent), BAER +/+, DOK oB

Certifikations: BH/VT (VDH), Brauchbarkeit Stöbern nach ThürJHPR und Anerkennung für Sachsen-Anhalt

previous matings: 2015 Stonecracker Catahoulas, 2020 Elchschaufel Catahoulas

Owner: Janine Kretschmann, Germany

Conact: Janine Kretschmann, 06406 Bernburg (Saale), +49 178 4587014,


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