Interview with the NALC judge of EALC & NALC Catahoula Event 2017

Winston Beavert, NALC judge and Catahoula breeder from Oklahoma/USA

was the Judge for the Cow Dog Trial and Conformation Show at the big EALC & NALC Catahoula event in October 2017 at the  Mitrov Farm.

Winston is a farmer and experienced Catahoula breeder in the third generation – Diamond B Catahoulas. He works daily with his dogs on the farm and has a great deal of experience with this breed.

Our EALC member Stephanie Lang von Langen took the opportunity to ask our guest some questions:

EALC: Winston I have some questions while I have you here. What impressed you most on this EALC & NALC gathering here in Mitrov?

WINSTON: First of all would be the dedication of the people to their animals. I was really impressed with the condition of the animals and how much they are part of the families of the people that were here.

EALC: What do you think is the right work for Catahoula if people don’t have cows or a farm.

WINSTON: I think the Europeans are pretty much spot on with your trial here, the biking, the search and rescue/SAR, the bloodtrailing. The stuff that keeps the dog active and, you know they are working dogs, and it’s something that keeps their minds and their bodies working. Which they are made for.

EALC: Do you think a Catahoula could do “Schutzhund”-work?

WINSTON: I’ve given much thought to that. The way the breed is… They could be very aggressive, they are working dogs. I don’t have very much experience with “Schutzhund” but I think the dogs… they would need to be evaluated very strongly if you want to use one as “Schutzhund”. And I guess other breeds are too, but it’s something I would monitor very closely, if I was going to do something like that.

EALC: What is the difference between the Catahoula in the U.S. and in Europe?

WINSTON: I think the size… The dogs over here are larger, but that may be climate also, you know the heat and the humidity in Louisiana and some of the other areas, their environment makes a little differential. It might be that this could be the differential in size of the dogs. But other than that the overall appearance of the dogs are very similar. And it seems that the dogs have retained the traits that they were bred for and their instinct to work and herd are still on the dogs over here.

EALC: As a experienced breeder of Catahoula, what character do you prefer?

WINSTON: In my personal experience we breed for a strong dog, very intelligent dog, and we want a dog that represents the standard well, but the character that dog has…. I want a dog has a lot of heart, a lot of drive. That is what the breed is all about, so that is, what we like.

Thank you for the Interview.

(7th of October 2017)

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